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Originated from The Ocean

In Taiwan, the oyster farming has existed for more than 300 years. Under meticulous cultivation by farmers, oyster becomes one of the most famous delicacies in Taiwan. People can enjoy plump oyster meals from fine restaurant to even local night market. However, the Taiwanese has ignored the wastage behind, “the Shells.”


Waste Shells Pile Up

Affect Coastline Ecology

Mosquitoes Breed, foul odor

SEAWOOL 吊牌-02_edited_edited_edited.png

Textiles from the sea


Turning Waste into Treasure


Asset 7.png

After years of researching and studying, we successfully find the way to strengthen the inherited gift from these discarded shells and combine with recycle PET bottles to create a brand-new functional product applied in the textile.


It’s Called Seawool

We entitled this yarn as “Seawool”, which was inspired by its wool-like construction and handfeel. The oyster was nurtured by the coast and enriched with minerals from ocean. In this way, the textiles made by discarded shells are inherent in several functions and make people have a better wearing experience.

Seawool®  Features

Asset 8.png

Low ​Thermal


Asset 9.png

UV Protection

Asset 11.png


Asset 10.png

Far Infrared

Asset 12.png

Woolen Touch

Applied Technology

Seawool Introductory Video

Seawool Introductory Video

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