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Pay Tribute To Polar Bears

Inspired by the unique hair shape of polar bear, we simulate this feature to our Seawool fiber to create a brand-new thermal collection, and we name it “Smawarm.”By virtue of oyster shell’s natural property and the spiral structure, Smawarm has giving an excellent heat-keeping ability than usual insulation.

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Spiral Fabric

Polar bear’s hair is shaped in hollow and spiral structure. This feature makes polar bear have an excellent temperature regulation in cold region. With years of researching and developing, we pay tribute to its fur characteristic and creat a brand-new Smawarm insulation.

Spiral fibers form small spaces within the layer of fiber sheet, which keeps heat stayed and remains the soft handfeel.

Smawarm®  Features

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​Thermal Regulation

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Bacterial Control

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Moisture Management

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Quick Dry

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Applied Industry

Smawarm Introductory Video

Smawarm Introductory Video

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